Bebe Jackson has something she wants to say.

"I haven't got a sob story to tell you or anything like that," she says.

Instead, Jackson wants to preach positivity about the way in which an upbringing in foster care has made her the person she is today.

Trinbago 2023 was the first Commonwealth Youth Games where para-events were included in the sports programme.

The 17-year-old made a slice of sporting history as Team England's first-ever medallist at the Games in a discipline for disabled athletes, taking silver in the women's discus F42-44/F61-64.

However, despite an unconventional route to representing her country, Jackson is proud to be blazing a trail for other children living in foster care.

"If I am being honest (foster care) has made me the person I am today and my parents still love me dearly," she said.

"It has really just made me who I am and there is not much that contributes to it.

"Social services have helped me a lot to get here, they have helped me pay for my shoes because obviously, I have different-sized feet so that costs a lot with shoes and spikes.

"Everyone has contributed to where I am today and it is really good.

"My foster parents have helped me so much throughout this journey.

"It is really good because not many foster children go on to do stuff like this, I am gobsmacked by it, to be honest.

"I do many events but a lot of things have shaped me into the person that I am today, I went to South Africa this year for an inclusive sports programme and that is one of the big experiences that shaped me."

Jackson only started competing in parasport in 2020, initially taking up sprinting and long jump.

The prodigious para-athlete from Harlow only took up the discus less than 12 months ago.

And she was quick to thank everyone who has helped her along the way.

"A year is not a long time, I have put so much work and dedication into getting myself where I am," she said.

"It is not just me though, it is everyone.

"My coaches, grandad, my nan, my whole family and my mum and dad, it is everybody who has contributed to this moment.

"Obviously I have put in a lot of effort to get to this moment with training, but it is a team effort and not just my effort.

"I am in care, so that has been a big contributor to my life and has changed my life drastically.

"I have had so much help from my foster carers, my mum and dad are still involved, so a lot has gone into making the person I am."

Jackson has always been a sports fanatic, taking part in everything from para-athletics to netball.

However, after falling in love with track and field, she is aiming to make an appearance at the senior Commonwealth Games in 2026.

"It would be a dream to compete at a senior Commonwealth Games, 2026 is a goal of mine," she added.

"Or even the one after that, just wearing the lion on my chest would be an honour, at any event really.

"Representing my country has made me very proud, I actually cried when I got the announcement in my room by myself.

"I have always loved sport, football, netball, athletics, all different kinds of sport.

"I first got into athletics in year seven and then I got classified as a disability athlete in year nine.

"My main event is the sprint, I am a sprinter and that's how I got into the sport.

"It would be a dream to compete at a senior Commonwealth Games, 2026 is a goal of mine."