At Commonwealth Games England, diversity is one of our key values and we are committed to ensuring representation, equality and inclusion in everything we do.

The team we represent and support at a Commonwealth Games is the most diverse and representative English sports team which competes on a global stage. English athletes come together from a multitude of backgrounds, from all over the country and compete together, united.

We are proud that at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 19% of Team England’s athletes were from a non-white English background – which is representative of the population of England. We are also proud that we have one of the most diverse and representative Boards in English sport. Our Board benefits from 50:50 gender diversity and 25% BAME representation.

Our fundamental purpose is to prepare and deliver a successful Team England at the Commonwealth Games. With such a diverse athlete base we are determined to ensure that our whole team – athletes and support staff alike -  is fully representative of our Nation and encapsulates our core values. Our diversity is something which we celebrate and encourage.

In October 2017, we produced a diversity and inclusion action plan, in which we wanted to challenge ourselves to actions which would create positive change. This action plan is designed to be a live document and will continue to be reviewed and evolve over time. We are committed to publishing annual reports outlining what work has been done and what we want to continue to do to move forward. 

The next Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham, one of the youngest and most diverse cities in Europe, which is home to people from more than 180 countries. At Birmingham 2022, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the rich diversity of England with an inspiring and diverse team on the global stage. A Team England which is representative of our Nation.


Our core values of equality, diversity and inclusion can be seen throughout Commonwealth Games England.  

The culture and identity of athletes and staff competing for Team England is being built under leadership from our Chef de Mission, Mark England, and our sport team leaders. It is based around the word PRIDE with a letter representing:







Our diversity and inclusion action plan was created in October 2017 with a key focus on the following objectives:

  1.  Recruitment - Embed good  diversity and inclusion practice into our recruitment activities and decision making processes
  2.  Engagement -  Ensure our commitment to diversity is at the heart of our communications
  3.  Progressing talent from within - Attract diverse talent to the Board and Leadership Team through effective succession planning


Diversity Action Plan 2017-2022

2018 Diversity Report

2019 Diversity Report


Our commitment to diversity (19/06/2020)

Nigel Walker OBE: Creating equal opportunities at board level (22/06/2020)

"We are not doing this because the Code for Sports Governance requires us to do so. We are doing it because we firmly believe it is the right thing to do, and that a more diverse Commonwealth Games England will be an even better and stronger organisation. Delivering this plan will give us the diversity of skills, experience and knowledge we need to become a more effective and representative organisation in the future."

Ian Metcalfe

Chairman, Commonwealth Games England